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Why did I start this?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why did I start this?

By Rachel Welly 


There are times when I do wonder why on earth I did start this Little Welly ball rolling. Funnily enough I said the same thing about being pregnant… and both turned out to be pretty good ideas in the end!
 I always loved festivals when I was young and (in my mind!) cool. That feeling of freedom when wandering around a field in the fresh air, seeing amazing sights, hearing things you’ve never heard before, trying things you’ve never done before.

I used to think what a fun job that must be; organising something that others could enjoy and how rewarding it must feel.

When I had my son I had the same idea again, but this time thought it would be just amazing to do something for children, a summer festival and a Christmas one so you had something to look forward to all year round. When I had my daughter I was in such a lovely family bubble I really struggled with the thought of going back to my big corporate job, the stress, the juggling and the long hours going to benefit someone else.

Then one day I had a real ‘now or never’ moment, felt really brave and did it. I said I’m not coming back. I’m going to organise festivals for children, something my children would want to go to and I could never find. I haven’t looked back, which is a good thing, as it has become a huge part of my life.

It’s funny how having children can make you really brave with some things and less so with others. I wouldn’t do a sky dive now, but leave my safe comfortable job for the competitive world of children’s events, sure why not?

So to answer the question why did I start this? To be the mistress of my own destiny, to hopefully end up with a house with a bigger garden for my children to play in, to show them that sometimes you just have to be brave and try things, to hopefully provide an environment where kids and families can have some fun times together, to help them create memories and to create some myself. I want to be like that dinosaur in the lovely love story (by Edward Monkton) with lots of stories to tell at the end, with the sun on my back.