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What will your children get out of our obstacle course?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

What will your children get out of our obstacle course?

By Team Welly

The Little Welly Goes Wild is now in its third year and continues to get bigger and better each time. But what makes it so appealing and what can you expect your children to get out of it?


1. Mud, glorious mud

For once, children can get as muddy as they like. It’s positively encouraged. We want children to feel independent; that they have the freedom to run wild and to do the things we normally tell them not to do.


2. A sense of pride

Our obstacles aren’t all easy and it will take some determination and effort to complete the course. Some of them will take your children out of their comfort zone – but when they are finished they will feel enormously proud of themselves. Being able to look back and see some very difficult obstacles, which have been conquered, will give children a very tangible sense of achievement. And of course they’ll get a medal at the end to celebrate the achievement!


4) Encouragement

Sometimes children are scared of the unknown. Scared of getting things wrong. Our relaxed and fun environment encourages children to try things that they might not normally do. And it will enthuse them into trying other, new and different things in the future.


5) Inspiration

The obstacle course is all about inspiring our children to do the things we did when we were young. To get outside. To climb, jump, hop, skip and run around. To get dirty! We really want your children to leave with a love of nature, of being outside and having fun. We hope this will be the start of a new adventure, exploring the environment around and doing some new and exciting things.


We are really looking forward to sharing our event with you. Tickets are on sale now